Natural stone for landscape lighting

Natural stone with lighting fixture for landscape lighting.

Used for night illuminations giving ‘life’ and colours of gardens, yards, architectural and landscape objects, rocks, etc. Perfect for exterior and interior lighting.

Stone Shapes

We offer raw stones with unique natural shapes. Some of the stone shapes look like:
– Rock (unique natural shape)
– Rectangular
– Oval-shaped
– [Custom shapes] – see some non-standard examples, ordered by other customers…

Colour and stone material

We offer several different colours and colour shades depending of the material and origin. You can view them in the stones photos above.

Size / Dimensions

– Large and extra large – custom order
– Medium – about 50x40x30 cm
– Normal – about 40x30x25 cm
– Small – custom order

Lighting fixture – technical specifications

Built in lighting fixture – Class IP65 (protection level and water resistance). Standart lamps AC 12V are supported.


(The lamp is not included in the price, except explicitly requested.)

The lighting fixture supports the following types of lamps:

– LED Lamp (economical) – MR-16, AC 12V.
Wattage: 1W, 1.5W, 3W.
Color light: White (W), WW, Red (RE), Blue (BL), Green (GN), Yellow (Y).

– Halogen Lamp – MR-16, AC 12V.
Wattage: 20W, 35W.

– ECO Halogen Lamp – MR-16C Eco class C, AC 12V.
Wattage: 18W, 28W.

– LED Lamp multi-color effects – MR-16, AC 12V.
Wattage: many options available.
RGB – Red+Green+Blue

For different lighting options (non-standard lamps), [click here].


The price vary in a wide range depending on many factors: stone origin and size, order volume, dead-line (a final date), delivery place, various custom requirements (if requested) etc. Actual prices available on request, please contact us with your detailed requirements.