The idea of our natural stone products for landscape lighting is to highlight individual elements, to add decorative light to your landscape objects that creates atmosphere. During the processing of each stone, the main goal is to achieve success in the following three areas: natural design, economy and ecology.

Rock - Natural stone landscape lighting

Rock – Natural stone landscape lighting

Natural design

We aim our products to preserve their natural shape and look. Natural stones are one of the most effective and attractive elements of the landscape architectural objects, yards, gardens, ponds and fountains.


We aim to use the latest energy-saving lighting technologies, to obtain maximum efficiency.

Automatic (or manual) lighting control systems are great for energy efficiency, and furthermore they are great convenience. The lighting can be switched on and off by approaching towards it. The lighting can be reduced and increased depending on natural light conditions.


In order to have ecologically clean products, we use only natural stones from the nature (without any additional processing or with limited processing that preserves the natural shape and look).